Freezerworks Ascent Edition

Ascent has all the features needed for effective and fully annotated sample management. Group features provide multi-tenancy options with security. Each group can access and manage its own freezers, screens, and formats. Additional features assist in workflow tasks, especially in aliquot movement. Like Base Edition, store an unlimited number of Samples, Aliquots, and Transactions.


With Ascent, you get the same powerful database structure found in our Base Edition.

Freezerworks assigns a unique identifier to each Sample and Aliquot. It also assigns a “globally unique” identifier to each Sample and Aliquot – an identifier created using an algorithm based on the serial number so that Samples and Aliquots can be transferred between different installations of Freezerworks and maintain their unique identities. But with Ascent, each Group can also have its own uniquely crafted identification numbering system.

Features: Ascent has all the features of Base PLUS:

Create up to 2,000 User Defined Fields to store valuable data on each Sample and Aliquot.

Check Aliquots in and out with Workflows. We all have repetitive tasks that are part of our day-to-day operations. With Workflows which you can think of as templates for standardizing these repetitive tasks, your group will enjoy an increase in the quality and the amount of work done in Freezerworks. If you are a current user of Freezerworks you’ll appreciate the conversion of tasks such as Check Out, Check In, and Shipping to the new Workflow format as well as the time you save. As requests come in from researchers for Aliquots, mark them as checked out. When they return, check them back in. 

In the example above, aliquots are being checked out. Volume is depleted, freezer positions are being held for return, thaws incremented, aliquot records are being locked and cannot be modified until checked back in, and transaction records are created.

Ascent has additional User Defined Field Types not available in Base:

Count: This is a Sample field that gives a total of Aliquots based on certain characteristics. For example, perhaps you often a search for Samples that have a certain number of “plasma” Aliquots that have never been thawed.

Calculated Field: Create fields using the values in other fields and/or arithmetic expressions with the use of a constant. For example, a field called “Sample Age” can give you the “age” of a sample by subtracting Current Date from a “Date Collected.”

Auto-incrementing number: Use this field to auto-generate numbers, and include a prefix and leading zeroes if desired. This is useful for Groups that may want to utilize their own specially crafted unique identifiers (beyond those unique IDs offered by Freezerworks).

Greater flexibility in User Permissions with Roles

Base has three Roles: Administrator, Data Entry, View Only. With Ascent, you have the ability to Create multiple Roles and craft permissions and restrictions based on specific tasks and authority. For example, a user may be able to delete aliquots, but not samples. Or add new samples, but not update existing ones.

With the addition of Roles, you will be able to bundle permission settings together and assign them to multiple Users, making User provisioning a breeze.

Groups: Ascent allows you to create any number of groups within Freezerworks. Assign users to groups (multiple groups for certain users if necessary). Groups can:

  • own or share freezers and restrict access to other groups
  • own or share Entry Screens and List Views
  • own or share Advanced Searches, Import, Export, and label formats


Above is an example of a Samples Entry Form (screen) being assigned to two groups: “Biology” and “PIs”

Configurable Batch Entry formats. Ascent users can create multiple batch entry forms that allow the automated creation of samples and aliquots, with relevant data, label printing, and even freezer location assignments. This feature is a real time saver for creating sample collection kits for clinical trials.

Above: A kit is configured for a sample collection for protocol “2500”. Participant IDs will be imported from a list (e.g., spreadsheet) and key data fields will be entered for each sample record created (e.g., data that may also be placed on labels). Below are the aliquots expected from each sample collected, and freezer assignments.

Shipping feature: As aliquots are sent outside the organization for research uses, use the shipping feature to select, confirm, and ship.

In the above example, seven aliquots have been selected from multiple sample records for shipment to GẽnericBio Labs. As aliquots are pulled from the freezers (using a pull report of freezer locations) a confirmation check compares the scanned barcode number from each vial to ensure the aliquots are correct. A shipping box report is now being created that will show the recipient the location of each aliquot in the box. The tracking number can be hyperlinked to go directly to the shipper’s website to check on ship status. 

Web Services: Includes Read-only versions of the Web Client, REST API and SOAP API for integration with other systems, websites, etc.

The Freezerworks Web Client gives remote users browser based access to Sample, Aliquot, and Transaction information. Permissions are based on the access provided to the user within Freezerworks. Results can be printed or exported to Excel®.

SQL Views are easy to set up. They display information from other databases in Freezerworks. This read-only feature is available in Ascent and Summit editions.

Freezerworks is being used to manage samples collected for clinical trials studies. Using SQL Views, Freezerworks is linked with an SQL database managed by the Pathology Department. Freezerworks is displaying selected data from that database that is considered relevant. The link between the two here is made by using the Patient ID field that is common to both.
Above: Freezerworks is being used to manage samples collected for clinical trials studies. Using SQL Views, Freezerworks is linked with a SQL database managed by the Pathology Department. Freezerworks is displaying selected data from that database as determined by your setup. The link between the two here is made by using the Patient ID field common to both.

LDAP Authorization available with Ascent.

Ascent is available for Desktop or Client/Server for Windows. Mac versions are available for Desktop and Client installations.

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