Freezerworks Base Edition

Base Edition offers the essentials for effective Sample management and freezer inventory. It is for the site that operates as one group; needing a limited number of data fields, and accessing Samples and Aliquots from the same entry, search, and viewing screens.


  • The parent record is the Sample, you can create an unlimited number Samples
  • Each Sample can have an unlimited number of Samples assigned to it (children)
  • Each Aliquot can have multiple Transactions (e.g., records reflecting work done to aliquots, aliquot transfer, etc.) assigned to it. Aliquots can have multiple Transaction records.

Freezerworks assigns a unique identifier to each Sample and Aliquot. It also assigns a “globally unique” number to each Sample and Aliquot – a number created using an algorithm based on the serial number so that Samples and Aliquots can be transferred between different installations of Freezerworks and still maintain their unique identities.


Create up to 30 User Defined Fields to store valuable data on each Sample and Aliquot.

Fields can have default values, even default values based on other field entries. In the above example, if Cell Line equals “Commercial” then Default value for Cell Bank is “Working.”

User Defined Field “toolkit” includes a number of field types from which to select. See the Ascent Edition for additional field types.

Create an unlimited number of Freezers, of all sizes and shapes of racks, boxes, straws, and cabinets.

Above, an example of a 10×10 box, vials color coded according to Aliquot Type. Color coding can be done by any field. Right click on one or a group of Aliquots for a number of options to be done on them (clear, delete, print labels, etc.). Click on empty positions to assign new Samples and Aliquots.

A Complete audit trail on every addition, update, and deletion, including the option to force users to give a reason for any data changes made.

Every addition or change made is tracked in the protected audit trail by name, date, action, etc.

Powerful and flexible bar code label printing feature.

You can include all necessary inventory data, bar code symbology, and graphics for all label formats. Ask your Account Manager about our selection of quality barcoding consumables; we sell labels, ribbons, and printers.

QC Freezer check option allows for spot checking systematically or by selected positions within boxes and racks. Color codes let you know instantly if something is amiss.

Vials in the box above were scanned using a bar code scanner. Green indicates a match, red an incorrect value, yellow indicates the value was not scanned for the Aliquot location.

The CLIP feature for quickly scanning boxes & racks of vials or tubes into the program – great for high throughput clinical lab use.

Track Aliquot lineage through sub-Aliquot feature. Excellent for cell lines and tracing the parentage of Aliquot passages over time.

Easily move boxes and racks of vials from one freezer to another with visual drag and drop. Audit trail tracks all Aliquot movement

Quickly drag and drop boxes or racks from one freezer to another (or different areas within the same freezer) or select specific vials using the graphical box option.

Batch Update small or large numbers of Samples, Aliquots, transactions and Freezer positions to correct or record changes.

Easily change the positions of multiple Aliquots using Batch Update Assign Positions.

A Powerful Import feature allows fast entry of Samples and associated Aliquots from spreadsheets, as well as updating existing Sample and Aliquot data.

Search and report on any number of fields.

Export Sample and Aliquot data to spreadsheets or other programs.

Three built-in Roles: Administrator, Data Entry, View Only

a visually appealing Sample/Aliquot entry screen with our feature-rich graphics palette.

Base is available for Desktop or Client/Server for Windows. Mac versions are available for Desktop and Client installations.

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