Freezerworks Pinnacle Edition

Implementing, monitoring and managing clinical trials is no easy task. There are countless moving pieces in many different departments, but with Freezerworks 2018’s Pinnacle Edition, the job just got easier. We believe that if you are solving significant problems and making lives better, you deserve an intuitive system. You deserve a system that will help you avoid the common issues that increase the time to market and raise clinical trial costs. Upgrade your efficiency with Freezerworks 2018 Pinnacle Edition.

Pinnacle has all the features of Base, Ascent, and Summit plus the following:


Pinnacle users can store data about patients, samples, and aliquots.  The addition of two new objects, Studies and Visits, upgrades your software to a study management solution. This new structure allows for users to model visits for their clinical trials within the program, removing the clutter from their desk. 


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Pinnacle includes Study Fields to simplify the creation of Studies, Visits, and Kit Generation.  All Study fields are assignable to specific groups.

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 Users must be granted permissions in order to add, edit, and delete study data.  This is accomplished by the Administrator assigning the user to a specific role.
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 Participants can quickly be enrolled in Studies from the Sample Entry Screen

Configure Studies
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Executing successful clinical trials relies on operational precision.  Freezerworks can take the pressure off with its ability to:
  • Record basic study information like PI assignment and start and end date
  • Specify IRB and Consent Requirements per study
  • Model Visits to match your study protocol
  • Generate Kit labels
  • Attach essential documents,such as consent forms
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We understand that FDA regulatory requirements, ICH guidelines, and GCP are a demanding part of your life.  Freezerworks helps keep you and your clinical trial on a straight and narrow path.  Configure requirements for patient Consent, Re-Consent, and Assent.
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Study versioning allows users to make adjustments needed to ensure optimal timelines while ensuring patient care and ideal study design. 
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Freezerworks 2018 will be a solid addition to your Clinical Study Management assets, allowing you to model, execute, and report on a timeline that will result in success. The ability to Model Visits allows the user to enroll participants and create kits.  Your job requires a strong communication line between Investigators, Clinical Research Organizations, and study sites. Freezerworks puts the data you need, in your hands, faster than ever. 

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Kit Generation: Easily generate Participant specific Kits, or Kits that can be assigned post enrollment.   Be proactive when preparing for an entire month’s expected visits by creating kits for multiple participants using the Create Kits by Date Range tool.
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Incorporate Kit Creation into your workflow for seamless kit labeling.  Freezerworks allows you to quickly print user-configured labels for Visits, Samples, and Aliquots.  Once printed, labels for Participant Visits can be used for physical kits. 

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