Freezerworks Summit Edition

Summit Edition includes patient management, with cutting-edge security features that protect sensitive patient information with an audit trail that records all PHI/PII viewing. Group ownership of fields enhances and streamlines multi-tenant use and management. Summit is our most advanced software and ideal for enterprise applications.

Summit has all the features of Base and Ascent plus the following:


Like Ascent, with Summit you can store an unlimited number of Samples and Aliquots for an unlimited number of groups. In Summit we introduce the “Patient” object. You can link Samples and Aliquots to “Patient” records and because this is Freezerworks the term “Patient” is configurable to better reflect your needs (e.g., “Species”, “Subject”, “Donor”, etc.):



Create an unlimited number of User Defined Fields to store valuable data on each Patient, as well as each Sample and Aliquot.   

Patient fields can be flagged as PHI, which will both protect it from unauthorized viewing, as well as note in the audit trail every time sensitive patient information is viewed.


Fields can be assigned to Groups for better enterprise management

Each group can have its own user defined fields. In the above example, the “Biology” group is assigned its own fields from the list of all available fields.


Users who should not have access to protected health information can be denied such access by the Administrator in User Settings.

Administrators can set user permissions to both access and enter/update patient records, and/or restrict access to PHI information. For example, a user can be assigned access to patient records, but only for de-identified or non-PHI fields.


Linkage to Patient records from Samples Entry Screens

In the above screen, a Sample record is being created to represent a visit from Patient “6” of Protocol “1000”. Patient information (identified by the blue and white icon) is automatically entered by Freezerworks when the Patient ID is entered.


Masking PHI while scrolling through records

When scrolling through sets of sample or aliquot records in a list view, PHI data might be inadvertently viewed by either the user, or someone nearby. In Summit, PHI data is masked in such situations to protect it, and so that large numbers of audit trail records do not need to be created while scrolling through large numbers of records. To unmask PHI, right click on the PHI field  and select “Show PHI”.


Convenient Patient Entry Screen

A Patients Entry form allows authorized users to view both the patient information as well as all Samples, Aliquots, and (if applicable) Tests ordered and Results entered from the Testing Module.


All viewing of PHI data is tracked in the Audit Trail.

In the above example, a list of viewed fields that are marked PHI is displayed in a protected, unalterable audit trail: which logged in user viewed it, what did the user view, and when did the user view it.


Manage the testing and reporting of sample tests.

You’ll be able to:

  • Set up qualitative and quantitative tests
  • Mark samples or aliquots for tests
  • Track the chain of custody of all samples undergoing tests
  • Batch order samples for testing
  • Use import to automate test ordering and result entries
  • Print test results reports
  • Flag results for additional tests based on age, gender, etc.

In the example above, two tests have been ordered for the selected aliquot of sample 100004, including a chemistry test with multiple parameters. The uric acid result of “9” is flagged as high for the patient’s age and gender and will be reflected in the results report.

Summit is available for Desktop or Client/Server for Windows. Mac versions are available for Desktop and Client installations.

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