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Freezerworks Products

freezerworks unlimited software

Freezerworks Unlimited

Freezerworks Unlimited is our full-featured sample tracking and freezer inventory program. Perfect for sites that need user groups, multiple fields and screens, robust batch entry and update, shipping, state of the art security, and much, much more.

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Freezerworks Basic

Freezerworks Basic is a powerful and flexible database program for tracking your frozen samples. It accommodates all freezers and tanks and offers the great Freezerworks features for assigning freezer positions, moving samples, and importing and exporting data.

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Label Accessories

Labels, printers, and scanners all specially selected to work with all versions of Freezerworks. Barcoding makes sample tracking even faster while improving quality assurance by eliminating potential keyboard entry errors. A special "wrap-around" label protects the bar code from temperature changes, keeping the label on the vial while protecting the code for perfect scanning. 

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clinical inventory laboratory

Clinical Laboratory Inventory Program (CLIP)

Built into Freezerworks Basic, the Clinical Laboratory Inventory Program (CLIP) saves hours of search time every day. No more hunt and peck through racks of tubes. Quickly enter, search and remove hundreds to thousands of clinical samples daily.

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SOAP Server - Integration Tool

The Freezerworks (FUL) SOAP Server adds Web Services power and capabilities to Freezerworks Unlimited.  Whether you are running Standalone or Client/Server, SOAP Server turns your FUL into a secure web server that you can use to retrieve information through browsers, wireless PDAs, etc.