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What's New in Freezerworks 2017

New features, modules, and menu options in the Freezerworks 2017 sample management software.

Did You Know? #1 Searching

A quick look at the updated search functions in Freezerworks 2017

Did You Know? #2 Keyboard Shortcuts

Reviewing useful keystroke shortcuts in Freezerworks 2017, including finding lost windows, closing current window, moving windows with obscured headers, rehighlighting selections, and using the Help Guide.

Did You Know? #3 List View Filter Box

Using the list view filter box to sort and filter search results, and to lock columns when viewing data.

Did You Know? #4 General List View Tips

General tips on the Inventory List View, including the New View button, wildcard characters in searches, configuration forms, and editing non numeric data.

Did You Know? #5 Default Values

Exploring fields that default to predetermined data for all instances, including the value of another existing field.

Flatbed Scanners (Web Client)

How and where you can use Flatbed Scanners in the Web Client.

Flatbed Scanner (Desktop)

How to use a flatbed scanner with a desktop computer.

Testing Pt. 1 – Overview

A quick introduction to the updated Testing Module (which is now part of every Summit Edition). We’ll discuss Testing’s integration with the landing page list view, the new ways to configure Tests and enter Results, and the changes made to the Testing page in System Properties.

Testing Pt. 2 – Configure Tests

A more detailed look at the new Test configuration process.

Testing Pt 3.

How to Order, Pick Up, and Complete Tests.

Testing Pt. 4

Entering and reviewing ordered test results.

Requisitions Pt. 1 – Overview

A quick introduction to the new Requisitions tool. We’ll discuss the different Requisition steps, the Requisitions list view, how E-Signatures work, and how to implement emails.

Requisitions Pt. 2

How to create, edit, add to, and cancel Requisitions.

Requisitions Pt. 3

A look at the Requisition Approval/Rejection process, with and without E-Signatures.

Requisitions Pt. 4

How to Fulfill Requisitions with Check Out and Shipping Workflows.

Requisitions Pt. 5

A look at how Requisitions work in the Freezerworks Web Client.

Workflows part 1

An overview of the new workflows module in Freezerworks 2017.

Workflows part 2

How to configure or modify a workflow template.

Workflows part 3

How to process a workflow from the inventory list view.

Workflows part 4

How to use the freezer position tool in check out and check in workflow in tandem in order to maintain static aliquot positions across freezer changes.

Import Lesson 1

How to import samples from a spreadsheet or text file, creating aliquot records based on a “number of vials” field.

Import Lesson 2

How to Import a spreadsheet file of a box of aliquots that includes box locations.

Import Lesson 3

Import samples from lesson 1, but also assigning aliquot locations for the aliquots created on a “number of vials” field.

Freezerworks Unlimited 6 Quick Start Guide, part 1: Get Started

Logging in to Freezerworks, creating your data file, introduction to the main screen and menus.

Freezerworks Unlimited 6 Quick Start Guide, part 2: Create Freezers

Steps in configuring a freezer, using a very basic racking configuration. See the Users Manual for help with other setups.

Freezerworks Unlimited 6 Quick Start Guide, part 3: Users and Fields

Create Users, Place them into Groups, and create a list of user defined fields (UDFs) for data entry. Create default entries, default entries based on other field entries, color coding of Aliquot Types.

Freezerworks Unlimited 6 Quick Start Guide, part 4: Configuring Samples Entry Forms

We take the fields we created in Part 3, and place them on an entry form.

Freezerworks Unlimited 6 Quick Start Guide, part 5: Enter Samples and Aliquots

In 1-4, we set up a Freezerworks database. In part 5, we'll enter samples, assign aliquots, and explore ways to view and manage both.

Tissue Microarrays & Freezerworks

A presentation on how to utilize the features and flexibility of Freezerworks for effective TMA management. Create TMA block samples from existing tissue samples and maintain all linkages. Most recent version.

Thermo Visionmate & Freezerworks

This video demonstrates how you can import your Thermo Visionmate(r) file into Freezerworks using the powerful and data secure import feature

Search by an Excel® file

Find samples using criteria in an ascii or Excel® file.

Installing ribbon and labels to the Zebra ZM400 printer

Installing ribbon and labels to the Zebra ZM400 printer.

Loading the Zebra GX420t printer with Freezerworks

How to install the Zebra GX420t label printer with Freezerworks.

Set up Freezerworks Testing Module part 1

Going through the steps of configuring and running the Freezerworks Testing Module. Version 5.2

Freezerworks Unlimited Testing Module part 2

Setting up and running the Freezerworks Testing Module for qualitative tests.

Freezerworks Unlimited Billing Module

Your biobank is valuable to research. See how Freezerworks can help your biorepository recover operational costs through the billing module.

Freezerworks Unlimited version 6.0

A ten minute guide through Freezerworks Unlimited

Batch Enter CLIP in Basic 7

Using the Batch Entry feature in Freezerworks Basic, called CLIP, to store and locate tubes quickly. For clinical labs that store and discard hundreds to thousands of tubes daily.

Quick Start Setup of Basic Part 2

Part 2 of Freezerworks Basic Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Setup of Basic Part 1

Setup Freezerworks Basic in minutes.

Download and Install Freezerworks Basic

Video taking viewer through the steps of downloading and installing Freezerworks Basic Demo or Full version

Freezerworks Basic 7 Guide

An overview of Freezerworks Basic 7.

Batch Update Part 1

Updating batches of Sample and Aliquot records. Recorded in Version 4 of Freezerworks Unlimited.

Consolidating freezers

How to move aliquots in Freezerworks Unlimited to fill empty gaps in freezer areas. Better utilize your freezers through effective management using Freezerworks.

Batch Entry in Freezerworks Unlimited

How to set up and use batch entry templates for pharmacological studies and other clinical trial purposes. Recorded in version 4.

Freezerworks 5 overview

An overview of Freezerworks Unlimited 5: ~20 min

Freezerworks Unlimited 5.1 Quickstart Guide

A 30 minute Quick Start Video on Freezerworks Unlimited. This is a great video to watch if you want to get started playing around with Freezerworks.

Configuring Freezers in 5.1

Freezerworks Unlimited 5.1 added a level to freezers: the Freezer Section. Freezer sections allow you to combine your "virtual freezers." created in versions 5.0 and earlier, under one physical freezer assignment. Learn how to combine your virtual freezers, and when to use Freezer Sections or Define Exceptions to build your unique freezer setups.

Compacting Freezerworks Unlimited

Prior to version 5 of Freezerworks Unlimited, compacting the data file was the best way to rebuild indexes and improve database performance. With version 5, this is no longer necessary - indexes are updated automatically.

Adding Aliquots in version 5.1

Version 5.1 added great new graphical tools for assigning aliquots to freezers. Use this video to learn how to assign aliquots to Sample records.

Creating new and calculated fields

Five minute video on how to create a new User Defined Field, and how to use the Calculated Field option.

The FDA and Freezerworks, Part 2

Software Vendor Relationships Computerized System Validation Ongoing Validation for Software Upgrades and Updates

The FDA and Freezerworks, Part 1

FDA Regulations vs. Guidance ~30 minutes in length. Covers: 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Software Development vs. System Development

Link Patients to Samples in Freezerworks 2015 Summit

How to create a link between Patient Records and corresponding Sample & Aliquot Records. Available in Summit Edition of Freezerworks 2015.

Batch Update Freezerworks 2015

How to update multiple samples and aliquots at one time. How to add aliquots to groups of samples, and sub-aliquots to groups of aliquots.

Security: Owner Level Sample Security Freezerworks 2015

How to restrict or permit access to Sample records based on the user ownership of a sample. How Administrators can re-assign ownership to users.

Security: Freezer Level Security Freezerworks 2015

How to assign freezers and freezer sections to the appropriate groups. How to keep unauthorized groups from viewing or modifying aliquots in certain freezers.

Security: Group Based Field Security Freezerworks 2015

How to assign data fields to groups, and mark PHI fields so they are hidden from unauthorized viewing.

List View Landing Page Freezerworks 2015

When you log into Freezerworks, the List View is your landing page. Learn how to access the records and data you need from this page.

User Defined Fields Part 1 Freezerworks 2015

Creating User Defined fields for Patients, Samples, and Aliquots in Freezerworks 2015. By Seth Michels

User Defined Fields Part 2 Freezerworks 2015

How to create data fields for Patients, Samples, and Aliquots in Freezerworks 2015. Includes Default Values, Color Formatting.

Entry Form Design Palette Freezerworks 2015

How to use the Palette to design attractive Entry Screens for Sample, Aliquot and Patient Data in Freezerworks 2015.

Entry Form Design: Patients Freezerworks 2015

Learn how to create and design forms for Patient Data Entry in Freezerworks 2015

Entry Form Design: Aliquots Freezerworks 2015

Creating entry screens for Aliquots and related data in Freezerworks 2015