Do you have labels that stick to frozen vials?

Yes. A number of our clients are able to successfully wrap the wraparound labels on frozen vials so that it adheres permanently. The key is to wipe off frost, and roll quickly.In addition, both Freezerworks Unlimited and Freezerworks Basic are capable of printing on two different Freezerbondz labels made by Brady. The key is to wipe off frost, and rub at one corner with your thumb, slowly working your way through the rest of the vial.
1″x1″1″ x 1″ FreezerBondz(tm): Labels adhere to frozen vials, lowering the
risk of thaw when labeling samples. Part #: LBL-05FB.
0.9″ x 0.375″ Combo label: Use for labeling the tops and sides of vials. Available in Freezerbondz material to adhere to frozen vials. Part #: LBL-06COM, or LBL-07FBCOM for Freezerbondz material.